Thursday, March 19, 2015

Menu Planner

Menu Planning:
We are on the go all the time.  Only one day this month that we stayed home the whole day! April looks just as busy so I wanted to make supper time a little bit easier and reduce the drive thru visits.
 I purchased this Chalkboard on sale at Michael's a couple weeks ago. Finally got around to adding the silver vinyl today. I cut the letters using Design Space and my Cricut Explore.
Wanda Tensen's photo.
After applying the vinyl I realized that I had extra space at the bottom which looked odd to me. So in order to fix my error I searched and found an apron, pot and oven in Design Space. I changed the colors and size, flattened the images and used the print and cut feature. After that I added some magnets.
My plan is to add recipe cards for that day's meal and or my grocery list so that I can find it as I'm heading down the stairs to leave for the store. 

Wanda Tensen's photo.

 And here it is hanging in place beside the pantry.

Wanda Tensen's photo.

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  1. I love it!!!! Great Job!!!!! Can I have one for Christmas?