Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Morning Sketches# 409

Tuesday Morning Sketches #409

Hey peeps, here's our sketch for the week. I sure hope you have time to join us this week!

Tomorrow is the last day of school. My daughter is finished Grade 2 and words can not express how much we appreciate Mr. A. He was amazing with the kids and we are so sad that he won't be at the school next year but we are so happy that he is following the Lord's plan for him and he is heading over seas to teach.
Since he loves to travel all over the world I thougth this Graduating World stamp is perfect! Paired it with some embossed musical paper. During my volunteer time at the school it wasn't uncommom to hear Mr. A singing or humming a tune as he took student through the halls, while he was in the work room, staff room or library. My favorite memory was the celebration the grade two class lead for the school and he taught the kids "Hallelujah" He played piano and they all sang! It was amazing!

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  1. Great card! Mr A sounds like a wonderful teacher, so I know he'll love this wonderful card!!

  2. Wow. School gets out late. How great that you were blessed with such an awesome teacher and you're taking a moment to acknowledge that. This is a great card!