Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween T-shirts

I purchased a couple of bright orange t-shirts from Michael's this summer for the kids to wear when we were at large events like the zoo, fair grounds, parade's. Just a visual to help this mama keep track of where my babes are but still keeping their comfort in exploring.

This week's been full of one child going to a Halloween party while the other child didn't. I wanted the non party goer to still enjoy the moment so I created two of these shirts for them to wear.

They were a hit with the both kids :)
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  1. I love that you decorated shirts-great graphic you chose! Thanks for joining us at FCCB's Halloween Challenge!

  2. I really do love these!!! You did such a great job!!!

  3. What a great idea! Super project! Thanks so much for joining us at FCCB for our challenge this week!

  4. This turned out so cute! I love the design. Thank you for joining us at FCCB.