Saturday, October 31, 2015

Grade 1 Halloween Party

Yesterday was our Grade 1 Halloween Party in the afternoon. Instead of sending in sugary treats we decided to do something a little different this year. I was looking in design space and notice the Halloween Carving cartridge in my subscription. I really liked a lot of the images so I thought why not create a memory game for the kids to play. So I called my girl over and she helped pick the ones to cut. We ended up doing two games. One with circles and images and the second game with squares with different pumpkin faces. I was so impressed with how nicely the explore cut these out, no ripping at all. I even hauled out the laminator for this craft.

The photos were taken late at night so I apologize for the flash on the laminate.

I talked to our teacher and the kids loved the game. Daughter loved it so much she wanted to bring them back home to play with her brother.

Adding this as my second entry to Fantabulous Cricut challenge #263 fright night


  1. Really Clever! What a great use of the Cricut-I'm glad the kids had fun! Thanks for joining us at FCCB's Halloween Challenge!

  2. I'm so in love with this idea Wanda!!! Be prepared for me to steal it!!!

  3. Such a smart project! Love that it was sugar free :) Thanks so much for joining us at FCCB for our challenge this week!

  4. Congratulations! What a cute project!

  5. So cute & clever! What a fun project. Best, CG