Monday, September 21, 2015

Close to my heart Cheat Codes for Design Space

Good Morning,

I'm a currently getting organized! Today you will see a few projects that use the good old cinch machine and some vinyl projects. Hope they inspire a few people to organize as well.

Here's my first one.

I used my cinch and some white vinyl to create this handbook. It's my easy reference guide for using the CTMH cartridges in design space. Please see info below from The Non-Crafty Crafter and links to her blog posts.

Please click here and scroll to the bottom to find the files for each handbook. Currently the handbook for Artistry is available on the facebook group Cricut Lovers Guide. Please join the group and look under files for the handbook.

*the below is copy and pasted from The Non-Crafty Crafter*

Handbooks and Design Space Image codes

So, you know how difficult it is to find the images that make up each of the layouts in the CTMH Artbooking cartridge??? 

Say you want to create the projects on page 46 of the handbook. Here's what you see in the handbook:

In Cricut Craft Room, you can just go to that cartridge and go through each of the tabs for that layout to find all the pieces.

But because the images in Design Space aren't in any sort of order you have to scroll through all 585 images to find the ones you need. (Yes, I counted them!)

Then when you've found the first image you then have to scroll through all 585 images to find the next one! And repeat until you have all the images you need for that layout...

And we all know that because Design Space is cloud-based there's a lag when you scroll through the list. So you have to sit and wait for the next few lines of images to show up.

Hmmm, if only there was an easier way.....

What if the handbook had the Design Space code under each image? Like this maybe....

Then all you'd have to do is type the codes into the search box in Design Space to find those images!

So, that's exactly what I have done. I've taken the digital PDF handbook and added the codes for every image. 

(There's no codes for the numbers as you'll find them by using the Add Text option.)

You can even type more than one code in the search box at a time. Just place a space between each code. (Click the image below to enlarge.)

Remember, you must type the # and the M for each code.

Here you'll find links to the Cricut cartridge handbooks that have been edited to add the Design Space code for each image.

You'll also find some cartridge image code lists without their handbooks.

For those with handbooks here's a sample of what you will see:

To use the codes:

  • Click the Insert Images button in Design Space 
  • Make sure All Images is selected

    • Insert the code that appears under the image into the search box and press Enter. You will then see a preview of the image. 
    You can even put multiple image codes in the search box. Just put a space between each one.

    Each image must start with #M

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