Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Morning Sketches #392

Good morning friends,

Today is Tuesday and here is this weeks sketch.

Tuesday Morning Sketches will be sponsoring - we have another cute stamp set to give away.

Now to share a bit about my card. Yesterday my son was invited to his second birthday party that was just him. (usually he's a tag along with his big sister and her friends) Now that he's in Kindergarten he's really coming out of his shy little shell and becoming a wonderful friend.

So I created a wonderful card using a Star Wars character digi stamp, it was so cool but in the rush of getting him to write on the card and to the party in time I forgot to take a photo! Argh! When I realized my error I didn't have enough time to recreate the coloring so I dug out some other stamps and created this outer space birthday card.

This sketch will be used again for some quick birthday cards. Seems like each weekend we have a party to attend...


  1. Aw.. that's a precious story you shared behind the card. Yay, for your son coming out of his shell and making friends.. and Yay for a super mom to make spectacular cards for the giving. Great Job.

  2. Great card!! (Grr! I hate it when I send a card and forget to take a pic!! Once I asked a friend to bring the card back so I could. LOL)

  3. Such a great card! I need this image. I'm still working on my project of making birthday cards for the foster kids. Most of them are very girly. I need some for the little boys, too.