Saturday, December 13, 2014

Library Bag

My dear friend is an avid reader. Since I don't have her current book wish list I decided to create something for her to carry her books in. I purchase a plain linen tote bag from Michael's on one of the 25% off everything days.

I had some red iron on in my stash (yes I am a craft supply hoarder but I usually have what I need when I'm crafting late at night) I found the read quote in the make now projects in cricut's design space. With iron on you have to remember to lay the shiny side down and cut the writing using the mirror image button. It will cut using a kissing technique which means it will cut the iron on and not the plastic layer. Next I had to remove the negative image (this process is called weeding) and took a LONG TIME!

Next step was to set the iron on a high setting and position the read quote on the bag. I set my iron a little too hot and ended up melting the word "aloud" I had to remove part of the "u" and recut and iron the L and U back on. Lesson learnt! Over all I'm very pleased with the end product and I'm sure my friend will love it

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  1. Speaking from experience, a book lover can never have too many book bags! And this one is extra special!