Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Chair Covers (non-paper project)

What was I thinking when I purchased our kitchen table with chairs that had white seats? Clearly this was a purchase PRE-children. Tori is just about two and is refusing to sit in her highchair, booster seat, etc. She must be in a chair just like mommy and daddy. So needless to say we have mac&cheese, yogurt, jello, etc. smeard all over the white chairs. Well the other day I decided to take apart all the chairs and wash the white covers before her birthday party. Great idea! Until they all shrunk in the washer/dryer... hmmm... now what to do. My idea was to go to the fabric store, buy some fabric & plastic cover to re-apolster the chairs that way I could just wipe the chairs. My DH suggested buying a vinyl table cloth and staple that to the chairs, wipe them down when messy, easy peasy! What a great idea, and very cheap! I found this table cloth in a clearance bin at Superstore for $5.
 I got out my tools, scissors, screwdriver, staple gun and staples and got to work.
 Here's a veiw of the underside of the seat cushion.
 And here is a photo of one finished chair. The grey with white flowers looks really nice with the light wood of the chairs. Our counter tops & tile is a green/grey color which also complitments these chairs.
Over all I'm really happy with this project!

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